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Welcome to online message,Your precious opinions and Suggestions are put forward
Welcome to online message,Your precious opinions and Suggestions are put forward,You suggestion is that we work progress。
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Article 10 the pig feed nutritional value
1、The classification of amino acid and its effect?  Amino acids are constitute the basic unit of protein,Divided into two major categories of essential and non-essential。The essential amino acids is refers to the pig body can't synthesis or synthetic speed is slow,Can't meet the needs of the pig,Must be supplied by feed。Pigs essential amino acids are required10Kind of,The lysine、Methionine、Tryptophan、Arginine、Threonine、Valine、Histidine、Leucine、Isoleucine、Phenylalanine。At present, China's diet lysine composed of feed ingredients、Eggs+Cystine、Threonine、The relative lack of tryptophan,Reduce the utilization rate of the feed and animal production performance,So,Should be in depending on the type of diet
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